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 Hays Shop Local Campaign

COMM 641


Natalie Fisher

Lauren Abernathy

Chason Lueth

Brandi Wright




Table of Contents



Executive Summary………………………………………………………3

Situation Analysis…………………………………………………….5

SWOT Analysis……………………………………………………………..7

Target Audience…………………………………………………………8

Research Strategies…………………………………………………….…9

Research Questions……………………………………………………….10

Goals and Objectives …………………………………………………11

Results/Revised Situation Analysis……………………..…12

Media Plan…………………………………………..……………..…….….13

Calendar of Events………………………………………….…….….14


Press Release……………………………………………………..………….16




Executive Summary-


Shop Local is a campaign brought to the Hays Ks area but the Chamber of Commerce. This campaign is fairly new to the local community of Hays, but strives to bring business to the local stores to help out the local community.
      The Chamber of Commerce has been very involved in the Hays community for some time. They brought the idea of the Shop Local campaign because local shops were struggles with keeping a high volume of business due to the rapid rate of corporate locations entering Hays. The Hays Area Chamber of Commerce has worked hard in the past by having over one hundred local stores join and by selling Chamber Cheques that can only be used at those one hundred remote locations.
      The primary purpose of the organization is to provide the Hays community with a small town touch by helping out local businesses and surrounding areas keep Hays local and not corporate. Hays Area Chamber of Commerce strives to keep local business alive and to keep all of the Hays area citizens involved. They try to work with the local shops to provide the needs for not only the citizens of Hays but also the citizens of surrounding towns that look to Hays as their local community.
      Hays Area Chamber of Commerce is having difficulty starting this campaign because they have not put much time into re-creating a whole new campaign. They are struggling to find the time, but most importantly they have struggled with reaching out and finding what the Hays community wants and what their needs are to make this campaign successful. They need to focus and reach out to the community of Hays itself and see what the citizens of this community are thirsting to have and what they think needs to change. They need to find out what would want the shoppers to stay local, and why they go elsewhere to shop. The Chamber of Commerce has done a poor job at educating the community of Hays of why shopping local is so important and what it does when the majority of the Hays population shops in corporate locations.

This campaign allows for greater recognition within the community through events and media sources. Distributing materials in the television, radio, newspaper, and in local businesses channels the public will become more aware of the cause. Through the campaign, the public will become more aware of the issue and being to shop local.

      Finally, the campaign will spark awareness of the situations that are going on in the community of Hays. This campaign will hopefully give this community what they need to not only make the citizens happy, contain their shopping needs, but help this community grow and better themselves and the community of Hays.




Situation Analysis-


The Hays Area Chamber of Commerce has expressed their interest with wanting the locals of Hays to shop locally with what the town has to offer, as opposed to driving to a bigger city for their wants and needs. The Chamber of Commerce staff, led by Executive Director Tammy Wellbrock, work together on a daily basis to support the business community in Hays by bringing together the community and local organizations in order to have a more prosperous city. In order to help the local businesses of Hays strive, the Chamber of Commerce connects businesses with the community by making referrals, networking, creating various marketing plans, providing leadership training, and much more. It is their goal to not only make Hays a great place to live, but to make Ellis County an overall better environment.

      The history of the Chamber of Commerce began in 1917, and since then, they have provided the city with a passionate team of members who make it their goal to have Hays be the best city it can be. The Chamber has 4 members on their staff, including Tammy Wellbrock, along with Executive Assistant Peggy Klaus, Marketing Coordinator Celeste Sander, and Public Relations Coordinator Tammey Welker. These ladies are all based in Hays with their office located on Vine Street.

      It is no surprise to the workers at the Chamber of Commerce that many locals here in Hays and Ellis County travel elsewhere for their shopping needs. Aside from getting groceries here in town, many locals will go to the malls in Salina or Kearney, Nebraska. To these locals, driving an hour and a half or two hours is worth the trip in order to experience a variety of stores and products available. This problem is increasing rapidly, with not only The Mall in Hays struggling with customers shopping in their stores, but the local business located on the Chestnut District dealing with the issue. As cities like Salina and Kearney continue to grow, money is not staying in Hays. In order to try and combat the growing issue, the Chamber began offering Chamber Cheques, which are gift certificates offered that can only be used at the businesses that are members of the Chamber. Luckily for the locals, there are hundreds of business that accept Chamber Cheques. These Cheques can be used like cash and are available in increments from $5, $10, and $25. In 2012, the Chamber sold $160,000 worth of the Cheques, which kept that money circulating in Hays.




SWOT Analysis-




Hays is a very tight nit community and many local civilians are committed to helping the town of Hays stay alive and keeping small local businesses open to help the big picture of the city of Hays


Shop Local campaign has not done a great job at marketing and many citizens do not know about the campaign or how it affects local businesses when they shop at corporate locations.


Since Hays has not been introduced to the Shop Local campaign, this gives the Chamber of Commerce a chance to make an effective approach to implementing the first round of marketing materials. Also another opportunity is letting the Communication at FHSU put together campaigns to help the Chamber of Commerce market successfully for this impactful campaign.


Many corporate businesses are able to provide everyday needed items at a much discounted price compared to what a local business is allowed to sell, due to overhead costs and keeping a float.




Target Audience-

                One of our main goals for the Hays Shop Local Campaign is to not only reach out to the:                 Campus Community

  • FHSU  sporting events
  • Oktoberfest
  • FHSU sponsored Art Walk

Hays community

  • High school sporting events
  • Wild West Fest
  • Hays Community Oktoberfest

Surrounding Community

  • Home Town Festivals
  • Local Sporting Events
  • Shoppers that travel to Hays




Research Strategies-


In order to begin work on the campaign for the Chamber, we needed to decide what method would help us gather the best information. After deliberation, we decided to conduct our research with a survey. We developed a questionnaire made up of 5 questions that would help us gauge locals perception of shopping local. Our questions were:


1.            I prefer to shop downtown than to shop at corporate stores. Yes or No

2.            I rather give my money to local businesses than to corporations. Yes or No

3.            I am aware of and support the Hays Shop Local campaign. Yes or No

4.            I think it is important to support local businesses. Yes or No

5.            I am aware that by shopping local I am able to help surrounding schools. Yes or No


                We felt this method was the best in order for us to reach the greatest amount of people we could, and we would be able to go to a local place where many locals and customers are. Aside from printing out the surveys, this was a cost effective method for us.

                We conducted the research by going to the The Mall in Hays on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the month of April. Many customers did not want to stop and take our survey, but luckily, some were kind enough to help us out with our research. Although many locals preferred the “shop local” method, they admitted they would choose to go to corporate stores for a larger variety.

Research Questions-


  • By having the Chamber of Commerce a set member of the community, the Shop Local campaign should be known by 20% of Hays citizens



For our research question we decided to focus on the research process and finding out how many people actually know about shop local, and was hoping by our results we could know which audiences to target and where to start. My doing our research we were able to prove our research question to be true, and this was able to help us because we were able to know where to start targeting and marketing for Shop Local.




Goals and Objectives-


For the Shop Local Campaign we created three objectives. Each objective has two goals. We created these objectives to guide our research and the goals to help us obtain our data and research.

Objective one:

Increase awareness by twenty percent in the year 2013 of shop local campaign.

Goal: Have shop local mail out opportunities such as coupons, door prizes, and etc.

Goal: Hold events that promote the downtown area that promotes and increased amount of walking traffic.

Objective two

Increase sales by twenty percent in the year 2013 in downtown Hays.

Goal: Hold events that promote the downtown area that promotes and increased amount of walking traffic.

Goal: Complete this objective successfully but staying in a budget of 30,000 per year.

Objective three

Increase marketing and promotion by ten percent in 2013.

Goal: Increase output of marketing promotion through mail/television advertising.

Goal: Incorporate shop local business to have a bold sign that signifies or represents them as part of shop local.




Results/Revised Situation Analysis-




Our results for this project came out to be very interesting. The survey that we came up with showed great results. We were able to pass out 50 surveys and base our results off of the information found on these 50 surveys. The information we took was able to show that many people in the Hays Community think that it is important to support local businesses and know that it helps community schools but the majority of the Hays citizens choose to shop corporate. The reasoning behind this is still unknown. If we could go deeper into the survey and research process we would ask around really figure out what is pulling people to corporate stores, whether it is there discounted prices or what other things work for them that we could help incorporate in the Shop Local to help the Hays Community.




Media Plan-

We will be promoting our campaign on social media. Facebook and Twitter will be updated daily or more with tid-bits of information that is given to us from local businesses. All of these businesses will be involved with the Hays Chamber of Commerce. We will also be promoting through sound bites on the radio. The messages that we will send through the radio will change and revolve, depending on events that are happening in the stores and the promotions that are taking place.

Another media that we will use to get the word out is television. We will promote local businesses by advertising them on television. We will include Shop Local on the ad, and tell about the things that shopping local can do for the community. The following are some examples of the work that we will be providing on air and through social media.

Facebook/Twitter description: Shop Local is a community campaign that involves local businesses from the Hays Chamber of Commerce. Follow our group for cool photos, informative statuses, and to keep updated on the promotions and upcoming events at your local businesses for Shop Local.

Sound Byte: “Shop Local has begun in Hays, Kansas! We invite everyone in the community to join us in celebrating what Hays has to offer from local businesses. See what businesses have to offer to the community members and how we can become a stronger community with the Shop Local campaign!”

Calendar of Events-

There will be one major event each semester with smaller events tying the whole year together.


Beginning of the year

Back to School Shopping




Black Friday/ Christmas Season Specials and Events


Homecoming Parades/Frost Fest Parade


Basketball games – FHSU and both Thomas More Prep-Marian High School and Hays High School


Pack the Park – Baseball


Art Gallery Walk-Showcase Hays Area Chamber Shops


Wild West Fest


To reach target audiences, the social media and mass media will be used. The social media will target the hays area civilians to inform about the upcoming events. To get the community involved, there will be press releases sent to the television stations and the radio stations. When using a social media outlets like, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, shop local events can be created and users invited by not only the event sponsors, but also their friends. With people being personally invited by their friends, there is a higher chance of attending when invited by friends. The radio would target not only the Hays community, but also the surrounding towns that share the same radio stations. Information would be sent to a variety of radio stations in the area to reach an assortment of listeners. 


   This concludes all of our research and proposals for our Hays Shop Local Campaign. We are very passionate on helping out this community and hope that our research is able to help this campaign. We feel that after our research, the right audience and the perfect marketing and promotional pieces this could be a great change for the Hays community and citizens. By doing this research we hope that the Hays Chamber of Commerce can come up with a way to get those corporate spenders to come over and Shop Local.


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Greg Shuler
Dr. Yao
PR Campaign Design
29 April 2013

Chapter 11
Chapter 11 discusses government relations. This includes the importance and manner in which the government informs its publics about its programs. They do this through informational campaigns which disseminate the information to their target groups. Elected officials and the military also use similar tactics to inform their constituents on what they are doing for them.
Case Summary: The case titled, Welcome to Your New Job, you are a newly appointed public affairs director. This is for a small town that has recently suffered from several embarrassing crises due to a lack of communication between city departments and the need for your specific position to be filled. You are responsible for providing information about the city, researching and writing releases of city counsel activities.
After taking this position you speak with a teacher of a class that deals with similar issues. With this teacher’s help, you develop two projects for the class to complete to be beneficial to the students and you.
The background of this study and your position is that the city hall staff and business leaders were very demoralized by the bad publicity that came from a lack of communication between them. This was giving the city and its management a poor reputation. Their humorous mistakes were also picked up by the associated press which broadcast their faults on a national scale. To counteract this, and prevent similar situations in the future, you were hired.
The strength of this study lies in the fact that this new position will let the city communicate and be organized with its services in a way that is better than ever before. The new position will ease the burden of other employees working to do a job they are unqualified for. Weaknesses include the current bad reputation that the city has. Opportunity lies in the fact that the teacher’s class is willing to help wit the campaign and has an inside knowledge of the town. The biggest threat is also the current reputation of the town on a local and national level.
Strategies for improving the city’s image include providing information through news releases to the public so they have a better understanding of what the city is doing. They also plan to use the city’s website and a monthly newsletter for employees. Along with these steps the newly hired public affairs director will use the class to assist with their plans.
I believe that this strategy will greatly improve the image and appeal of the city. No information of its results are available to analyze yet, but I’m sure the results will be positive. I particularly like the use of the city’s website because this is a great free form of promotion and advertising.

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Chapter 10

Case Study Chapter 10

By Brandi Wright

            In Chapter 10 of the book, it talks about employee relations. These are the actions that create a working environment that is positive. Employees work harder and are more productive when management pays attention. Managers influence the culture of an organization and expectations of the workers. Human resources are that ones that hire, fire, and pay the employees, so they also have a major role in employee relations. There are four first-step communication activities that help build an employee’s identity. There are textual and nontextual tactics for reaching employees (Swann, 2010).

The case study that I read was “Big Brother is watching: Browsing on Company Time.” This was about ComXSoft Corporation, a big company that employs 300 people and prides itself on its relaxed environment. The creator of the business, Malcolm Middleton, wanted more freedom to create his products, so he started ComXSoft. Perry is the public relations director and understands the mission of the company. Since he had a couple complaints about employees spending too much time on the internet, abusing the office equipment for their personal use, he talks with the director of human resources (Swann, 2010).

            What Perry didn’t know was that after three months, the human resource director had been monitoring employee’s usage on the computers, and found that at least 20 employees were abusing the company computers for non-work related things. Perry was nervous because he thinks that he may have been monitored. On his way home from work he comes up with a plan and he will be able to discuss it at the next managers meeting (Swann, 2010).

            The strengths and opportunities in this company is that it is laid-back and a relaxed atmosphere. Many people want to work for this company because of the management. The workers are happy, loyal, and willing to work as hard as they can. Morale is very strong for ComXSoft.

            The threats and weaknesses are that the employees are not monitored very much so they get to do what they want and they tend to go on the internet for various reasons other than work. The secretary gets on eBay for four hours out of her work day. It slows down the other employees. A threat is that they are a very successful company, and if the employees continue to slack off, they could lose lots of business.

            The strategy that the human resource director used was he watched the employee’s usage of the company computers. He saw what the employees were doing, and using the computer for. He found out that at least 20 of the employees were abusing the internet. This can cause the employees to be terminated, especially if they find e-mails that were not work related were being sent.

            I think that the human resource director should have told everyone that they were going to implement a surveillance system for the work computers. This would have brought everyone’s attention to the issue, and I believe they would have seen a decrease in the amount of abusers. Then, if they continue to abuse the internet of the company’s computers, it would be their fault, and could be fired automatically. I do not believe that this is a very useful tactic, and should not be lawful, because it is invading personal space.




Swann, Patricia. (2010). Big Brother is Watching: Browsing on Company Time. Cases in
            public relations management
. (pp. 71-73). New York, NY: Routledge.

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Welcome to your new Job

Welcome to Your New Job


Case Summary, Problem and Background: A position was open for a new Public Affairs person for a town that had recent sufferings due to negative media coverage. This position was created because the town needing someone to help clean up the mess and bring more positive media to this small town.


SWOT Analysis:


Strength: City Council was very good at giving support and helping the new hire into bringing great raptor to this small town.


Weakness: They let this tragic event happen and they waited awhile to hire somebody and they hired somebody who didn’t know the city to clean up the mess.


Opportunity: This hire is a new face and can bring new things to the small City.


Threat: Because the new hire does not know the city, many citizens are worried they will not be able to clean up the mess and bring the city to the potential that it can be.


Strategies: Since this new hire is a fresh graduate from the Public Relations department, they new hire was able to go to her professor and tell them the spot they were in and they were able to assign a group project to help this city and complete two campaigns.


Consequences:  Implementing the two group projects is a good idea and will give the small town a great way to revive. It can be seen as a consequence because the new hire won’t have as much time a lone to complete campaigns but using the campaigns from the students could bring new fresh ideas to this town.

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Chapter 11: Welcome to your new job

Chapter Guidelines Summary:           

Chapter 11 discusses the importance of governmental relations.  Governmental relations within an organization aim to build and maintain a positive, on-going relationship with government officials and relevant politicians.  These types of relations can be achieved through general press releases, lobbying, grassroots lobbying, or even stealth lobbying.  Public affairs specialists work in the government on informational campaigns, with elected officials, and the military. 

Case Summary:

A new public affairs position is created within a small city after suffering very negative publicity.  Before the new position, communication with the news/media was delegated between various individual city offices.  The lack of organized and responsive communication after several crises with community services left the city with a damaged reputation via negative media coverage.



The mistakes and bad publicity shown by local media eventually spread and became available to a national audience.  It left a tarnished view of a mostly dedicated, hard-working city hall staff and left many business leaders and residents disgruntled.  The new public relations position was finally deemed necessary and funded/approved by the city council.


Pressure is on to reverse the effects of the prolonged, negative publicity the city has received due to problems with city services, leading to embarrassing stories in the media.

S.W.O.T Analysis:

A strength in this situation is the great support given by the city council; although funding for this position was limited, the council is eager to hear and consider new public relations ideas.  A weakness is the currently tainted reputation the community has acquired through the bad media. An opportunity comes in the form of this newly created public relation position, which will feed the media positive stories and give the council fresh ideas on how to restore a good reputation.  A threat is the lingering negative reputation, and the pressure of this new position to be highly successful.


The new public relations specialist is a graduate from the local college public relations program.  After being approached by a former professor on presenting to a class on governmental relations, he proposes a group project of dividing the class into two teams to help him develop campaigns to present to the city council on how to improve communication and working relationships.


This plan of utilizing the college class to form ideas of campaigns for public relations integration is a great tool.  The public relations specialist will not be alone in brainstorming what needs to be done and will have access to several various options to present to the city council for approval.

My Comments:

                I believe it was a very good move by the city council to integrate the new public relations position to help restore a positive image of the community.  I also think the idea proposed by the specialist to his former professor of using the college class as a means to help him form possible campaign was a brilliant strategy in making the most of his new position.

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Ch 11

Lauren Abernathy

Ch 11 Case Study

“Welcome to Your New Job”

    Governmental relations involves an organization who maintains a working relationship with politicians and government officials in their community. It is important for an organization to ensure that their needs are appropriate for governmental representatives. When dealing with the government, someone who is in public relations would now be part of public affairs. A public affairs specialist has the job of writing informational letters, position papers, and newsletters, amongst other works. This specialist may also visit one-on-one with government officials to discuss information for public hearings. Someone in public affairs can also work on campaigns, work with elected officials, and with the military.

    This case study is different than the others, because although it lays out information of a story, it is something that whoever is reading it will make the decisions. A small, US city has been experiencing crises with city services in which led to embarrassing stories being covered by local media. Eventually, the AP picked up on some of the stories, making the city national news. City Hall’s staff has been demoralized and humiliated by the stories, which lead to the position of public affairs to be funded in order to make things better.

    A strength for this case, would actually be the size of the town. It says they are a small town, which makes it better and easier to get out stories and messages. In this case, it would work for the PR department, because they could release an apology and a list of corrective measures much quicker. With that being said, the size could also be a threat, due to people agreeing on one side and not accepting the apology.

    It is important for you to understand the stories that are being circulated, so you can be honest with the public and the media. News released need to be created in order to apologize to the locals, but to also highlight the staff at City Hall. Since many members of City Hall have been at their position for years, you must highlight how there hasn’t been issues before and you must also highlight their good, hard-working nature. The issue not only involves embarrassing stories, but there was no direct communication from officials or workers right off the bat. In order to be trusted again, the public needs to know that workers will be forthcoming if there is ever an issue again.

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Chapter 11 (2)

Case Study Chapter 11

By Brandi Wright

            In chapter 11 of the book, it talks about governmental relations. This deals with how organizations maintain and build relationships with elected officials. Sometimes organizations already know how a rule will be played out, and if it will work or not because they have already seen the end results. The need to inform the public about what services and programs they offer is what role governmental relations play in our society. Media relations take part with elected officials also. These elected politicians have to show the citizens what they are doing and why, while they also have to listen to the concerns and needs coming to them from the public (Swann, 2010).

            The case study that I will be talking about is the one called “Welcome to Your New Job: Rebuilding a City’s Damaged Reputation.” This case study was very brief. It is basically asking us what we would do if we were put into the situation where we were put as a public relations professional in a city who has not had good publicity or a pr professional for a long time. As we get the information the case study asks us questions that we would have to answer to the mayor that hired us. There had been a lot of cuts recently because of the funding, and this position is only for one person. Everyone is upset because of the publicity the city has been getting, and it is time to step up and show what we can do for the city.

            To be put in this situation, you have to ask yourself what the strengths and opportunities of the city are. They have many hard-working people that live there, and you graduated with a major in public relations. Your old teacher agrees to help you with your new project and lets you get her class involved. The class is divided into two groups: the first will be the internal challenge, and the second would be the external challenge. Another strength is that the city is small. With a little enthusiasm and hard work, it should be only a short time before things look up. An opportunity that could have been overlooked is that because the mayor and city council hired you, they will listen intently to you and any good public relations that come of it will be great. You have the opportunity to change the whole city’s look on the media, and then begin to show the country that the city has changed, and you are put on the spot for doing it.

            There are many weaknesses and challenges that lie ahead for the public relations professional. There have been many obstacles already put in front of you, and some of the mistakes in the past have went national. There is a lack of responsive and coordinated communication and that needs to be dealt with. Expensive legal action could be taken against the city for some of the mistakes, and they look incompetent already. Since the city officials were the ones that did the press releases, sometimes they didn’t even get covered. Another challenge you have is that funding is limited. You are only one person to do a lot of jobs. A few more challenges are that the office is new and unfamiliar to everyone, so they do not know what you do. This is complicated because you have to get everyone on the same page on how to use the services you provide. The city wants to see a change, and they expect you to do it. The first step that can be taken is to get good media and positive stories in the media regularly.

            Some strategies and tactics that could be used are to use the class for a study. This will give you some insight on what you are dealing with. Getting the public informed on what you do, as well as getting positive media on a regular basis is definitely something to do quickly. Another thing to do is take suggestions from the public on what they think is good about their town, so you can put that on the website. Creating a strong media relations program is crucial. Promoting companies that are successful in the town could bring some good publicity.

            I believe that if you would come into the job with your head held up high, it could only get better. This town is at rock bottom with their public relations, and is looking for someone that has potential. I would start with getting the ideas of people to put on the website, which could stir up some talk amongst the town. Getting everyone involved, like city officials and economic departments, will take some time. I would start by putting out a press release, and show that you are going to make this city look good, and this is the first step in getting there.

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